Today’s business environment can be a lonely and sometimes scary place. Alamo Cyber Security specializes in Physical and Computer Security solutions for area small businesses. Small businesses are the least likely to have large IT or Security budgets, but are most vulnerable and least likely to survive a breach.

Alamo Cyber offer pre-employment polygraph and interview services, background checks and even armed security guards, loss prevention specialists and personal protection (bodyguard) services.

ACS investigators have extensive law enforcement experience and worked cases ranging from simple employee theft and loss prevention to homicides and drug related offenses. When experience matters you can rely on the confidentiality and expertise of our professional investigators.

Alamo Cyber is a fully license Security and Investigations company. Texas License# C19113

Forensic Services

Forensic Investigations

ACS routinely conducts forensic investigations of Computers, Network Devices, Mobile Phones and Tablet Devices. ACS conducts Live and Static analysis of devices including encryption detection and remote access history if network intrusion is suspected. If you have specific questions you can contact ACS investigators directly to set up a CONFIDENTIAL consultation.

The Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1703, administered by the TDLR, requires that all Private Investigators operating in the the State of Texas be licensed. This includes investigations into computer or network systems. ACS Investigators are fully licensed and possess extensive private and lawenforcement experience in the area of Computer and Network Investigations.

ACS investigators conduct forensic evaluations in accordance with existing best practices including standards set forth by the Nation White Collar Crime Center for Law Enforcement, NIST and DOJ Standards. For a complete listing of ACS terms and conditions or to request an investigation please click the link below.

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Alamo Cyber routinely investigates suspected employee thefts, loss prevention cases and network intrusion and identity theft cases. In today’s high tech world you need investigators that understand the possibilities and limitations of surveillance technology, mobile tracking and Polygraph services. If you have specific questions you can contact Alamo Cyber Security investigators to set up a CONFIDENTIAL consultation.

ACS investigators also have experience in asset identification for civil procedures including divorce and child custody disputes.

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